Kyushu University is actively engaged in insect research, making it the most prominent university in this field in Japan. Researchers at the university are involved in a wide range of studies, including the discovery of new species, the creation of illustrated books, investigations into evolutionary pathways, the development of vaccines and pharmaceuticals derived from insects, and the application of wing folding techniques to cutting-edge fields. Additionally, Kyushu University boasts the largest collection of insect specimens in Japan, comprising over 4 million specimens. This exhibition offers a glimpse into the ongoing research conducted at the university and showcases a selection of stunning and fascinating insects from this extensive collection.

Fukuoka Insect Exhibition

From July 14(Fri)to Aug 27 (Sun), 2023

10:00-18:00 (entrance till 17:30)

TNC Building 1F Special Hall(Acess)

Entrance fee
500 yen (free under 4 years old)

Organized by
The Kyushu University Museum, Insect Science and Creative Entomology Center, TNC Project.

  • The Kyushu University Museum
  • Insect Science and Creative Entomology Center

Dr. Munetoshi Maruyama Associate Professor, Kyushu University Museum

While managing Japan's largest insect specimen collection of approximately 4 million species, He personally visits jungles in various parts of Japan, Southeast Asia and South America to conduct insect research.